First of all Unscrew from the injector of the first cylinder of the engine the pressure. Put it in a transparent plastic tube so that it was pointing up, and could plainly see the fuel level and filled it. The tube should have a good hold on the nozzle. To fix, use a screw clamp. Fuel should not leak!
Remove the timing belt (timing belt), fuel pump and ignition on. Start to scroll through the pulley high-pressure pump via any key. You need to twist until the tube will not rise the incoming fuel. Then smoothly and slowly rotate the pump pulley, carefully watching the fuel level in the tube.
As soon as you notice a fluctuation of fuel level in the tube, it will mean the beginning of the entrance to the nozzle. At this point (this is the time of injection) should stop the rotation of the pulley and apply the label. You can then put under this label the pulleys of the crankshaft and the camshaft. Aligning the marks, install the timing belt.
Before you try to start the engine, do not forget to screw the pressure line to the injector on the first cylinder that you previously removed.