Advice 1: How do you set the ignition on a moped

Electronic ignition system of modern mopeds have a relatively reliable but expensive components. Therefore, in the case of faulty ignition, it is recommended to first check the angle of his timing and adjust it if necessary. Professional approach to these operations requires the mandatory use of a strobe light and measuring the risk of synchronization.
How do you set the ignition on a moped
You will need
  • - the user manual for a moped;
  • - strobe;
  • - a set of tools for moped
If on a moped , there are risks measuring, checking and setting the ignition timing do with a strobe. But keep in mind that a good strobe – a thing not cheap, to the mopedist not pay off due to extremely rare use. Before check warm up the engine well.
Connect a stroboscope according to the instructions attached to it. Two power wires connect to the mains moped, and the induction wire to the spark plug. At the moment of occurrence of the spark at the spark strobe light will give bright light. Point it at measuring risks. If they are in their places relative to each other, so the ignition is exposed correctly. The coincidence of risk should be absolute, or close to that.
If the risk of timing clearly do not match or are not visible at all, the ignition needs adjusting. The method of adjustment of the ignition timing is different for mopeds from different manufacturers. So be sure to read the manual. Measuring risks looking at the flywheel generator and the flywheel housing. When performing work, observe the rules and security measures.
Please note one important point – the ignition timing is determined only when the engine is at certain RPMs. Therefore, the strobe shall be equipped with a speed sensor of the crankshaft. If this parameter is not specified, then setting the ignition spend at idle, making sure that they conform to the norm.
Also be sure to read the instructions for use of the strobe light. This is due to the fact that many manufacturers of these devices does not recommend or prohibit them to connect power to the electrical moped. During the flash lamp of the strobe there is a jump in the load on the power supply of the device, which leads to distorted readings when checking the ignition timing.

Advice 2: How do you set the ignition in the Urals

Adjusted the ignition on the bike contributes to effective operation. Competent adjustment increases the engine power and speed and also saves fuel. On most new motorcycles "Ural" is a modern contactless ignition. Older models can also be converted into this type of ignition, which facilitates the process of adjustment.
How do you set the ignition in the Urals
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrenches;
  • - control lamp;
  • - sheet of newspaper.
Install the crankshaft position top dead center on the compression stroke of first cylinder. Look at this on a long label, available at the crankshaft. Make sure the rotor contact is opposite the inner cap terminal. This contact should be connected to the wire from the spark of the first cylinder.
In that case, if the distributor installed on the engine after it has been repaired, remove the candle of the first cylinder. The hole exit is made from paper tube. Now rotate the crankshaft until the air pushes the cork out of the hole. This point indicates the beginning of the compression stroke in the corresponding cylinder.
Loosen the microprocessor unit, so that it can rotate. Rotate the unit counterclockwise until it stops.
Look at the flywheel marks and align it with the center mark of the motorcycle engine. One label is usually denoted by the letter "B" (top dead center) and the other with the letter "P" (pre-ignition).
Make sure that the ignition system and microprocessor unit is powered-up, which can be verified by the led light bulb.
Slowly rotate the unit and determine the moment when the test lamp goes out. Now securely tighten all fasteners.
After adjusting precise moment of ignition on the experience. Use a test lamp, closing the contacts. When set correctly the ignition light will turn on and off when turning the crankshaft.
When placing plugs having a contact circuit, first check and adjust the clearance between the contact breaker (it should be equal to about 0.5 mm). To the terminal in the low voltage coil connect a test light; the second wire from the lamp attach to ground.
Now rotate the crankshaft to align marks on flywheel and crankcase. Rotate the body of the breaker after releasing the fastening screws. When the warning light flashes, securely fix the body of the breaker. Disconnect the test lamp.

Advice 3: How do you set the ignition for VAZ 2107

Incorrectly billed the ignition timing leads to a noticeable drop in engine power and failures. Put the ignition on VAZ 2107 pretty simple to do this, contact a mechanic is not necessary.
Ignition system VAZ 2107
Ignition system VAZ 2107 consists of a high voltage coil and distributor - contact breaking mechanism. Incorrect ignition timing can cause the fall of the power of the power unit or excessive wear. Supply of spark in the engine piston before the end of the compression stroke is called a leading ignition and leads to premature ignition of the fuel-air fluid, which adversely affects the condition of the piston and connecting rod. Late ignition spark for a few moments after the piston top dead center. In most cases the ignition is a little late, but too big difference in time leads to incomplete burning of the fuel mixture, which is formed Nagar and there is a lack of power.

Preparations for setting the ignition

Before you start configuration of the ignition system, the vehicle should be on a level surface, shift the transmission into neutral and the Parking brake, or to enclose under wheels wheel wedges. Open the case of the hood, it is necessary to remove impurities from the distributor cap and disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Distributor cap mounted on the spring clamps that can detach a thin screwdriver or awl. After removing the cover you need to clean a carbon electrode and contacts the runner against dust and soot, and then you can begin the configuration.

Installation of ignition of vases 2107

Regulation of ignition system in automobile repair is performed using a special strobe light. At home you can use an ordinary digital tester or an ohmmeter pre-charged. The key 38 need to crank the crankshaft of the engine until, until the runner of the distributor is not close to the first contact at an angle of 30 degrees. In this case an ohmmeter connected to ground and the contact bolt of the distributor shall show evidence of contact with zero resistance. Next, you turn the shaft to align marks on the pulley and distributor cap. If when combining the ohmmeter shows a value tending to infinity, then the ignition is set correctly.

The lead angle of ignition of vases 2107

Incorrect spark timing can be diagnosed by the continuous sound of the detonation that is observed when enabling the fourth gear at a speed of 50 km/h and the sharp pressing the gas pedal. When set correctly the ignition ringing sound lasts no more than three seconds. Long sound of detonation evidence overstated the crank angle, and the lack of low. For setting the ignition timing need to Unscrew a bolt of fastening of the distributor to the cylinder head. To reduce the ignition angle, the distributor housing needs to be turned clockwise to increase and counter - clockwise. After the configuration, you must install the distributor cap in place
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