Please note the wiring of the system components. Because the injector is electronically controlled, which in turn submits the onboard computer of the car.
After this check, turn the ignition on and ground. The electric pump this time to pump petrol. If it is not included, you should check for a faulty relay, which is responsible for its work.
On the front panel briefly light up a bulb fault. Run their diagnostics through the trip computer, which is connected to a personal computer with special software. So you will see all the parameters of the car.
If the problem is not detected, you can proceed to start the engine.
The next stage of adjustment is to check the throttle device. Carefully inspect the wiring and sensor throttle position. Turn on the ignition. Then with a tester the voltage sensor, the voltage and the opening degree of the throttle.
Compare the results obtained with the benchmark. The sensor voltage should be on the order of 0.45 - 0.55 volts. The voltage should exceed 12 volts. The degree of opening of the throttle not more than one percent.
The setting of the throttle actuator you need to hold so that he fully closed the gate.
Make the same measurements down to the stop of the accelerator pedal. The sensor voltage should be approximately 4.5 volts. The degree of opening in this position should not be less than 90 percent. Adjust the throttle actuator to full open.
Disconnect the regulator additional air. In the case of easy start hot engine it is recommended to make the flow of air through the half open throttle. The throttle actuator is recommended to be regulated so that it completely covers the hole.