You will need
  • - strobe;
  • key on 13.
Set the first cylinder of the engine of VAZ 2121 Niva in top dead center. In this case the label on the crankshaft pulley should be located before the third mark (0 degrees). Remove the cover from the sensor dispenser and check the position of the thumb, it needs to be focused on the pin of the first cylinder.
Take a strobe to check and set the ignition timing. Connect it clip "mass" with the "minus" battery clamp "plus" to "plus" of the battery, clamp sensors attach to the high voltage wire of the first cylinder. Take chalk for better visibility label them with the mark on the crankshaft pulley.
Start the engine. Install the idle speed is 750-800 Rev/min. stream of light Flashing strobe aim at the mark on the crankshaft pulley. The ignition timing is set correctly, if it is combined with the average mark on the engine front cover. If not, adjust the ignition timing. To do this, turn the engine off. Take the key 13 and loosen the gauge-allocator of ignition. For the comfortable adjustment of the ignition timing is provided at the flange of the gauge-allocator of ignition, the signs "+" and "–" and dividing. Then turn it to the desired angle: to increase the ignition timing counter-clockwise to zoom in, or clockwise. Lock it and check the installation of the strobe light.
Open the cover of the sensor rail. Then holding it, to avoid gaps, align the rotor mark and stator lobes in a line. Lock the gauge-allocator of ignition. Start the engine, warm it to a temperature of 80 degrees , and moving at the speed of 50-60 km/h on a flat stretch of highway, hit sharply on the throttle. If you experience intermittent detonation (1-2), then the ignition timing is correctly set. In the case when the detonation continues (early ignition), turn the sensor counterclockwise, and when not there (later ignition), then clockwise.