Check the injector to allow fuel its mechanical part in the "closed" position. The transmittance of gasoline can be caused by one injector seal (for motors with "Central injection"). To check, remove the nozzle cover and turn on the ignition.
Peremknite contacts "FP" and "+In" on Board diagnostic connector, the fuel pump should earn. Take a flashlight and watch for some time for the injector. If the throttle valve is dripping fuel, then failure of the sealing ring. Replace them.
Inspect the temperature sensor of the engine coolant (ТНW). Fuel consumption is calculated by the car computer on the basis of his testimony. If the sensor indicates the temperature is lower than it really is, fuel consumption will naturally increase. The sensor can be wrong due to faulty thermostat, air lock in the cooling system, breakage of the radiator. Check and eliminate the causes of these faults.
Adjust position sensor throttle, using a multimeter and a manual for your car. If it was originally billed incorrectly, it can lead to high idle speed, incorrect corner of an advancing of ignition and incorrect fuel / air mixture.
Check oxygen sensor (Oxygen Sensor), or rather the integrity of the system air supply. If it is damaged, then the sensor sees the extra air as a lean mixture, and the "automatic" adds the fuel.
Identify the presence of suction of excess air with an aerosol can of lighter fluid. Start the engine, direct the spray of aerosol into the possible location of damage in the "ripple". If such a leak is, the engine speed will increase.
Remove and inspect the spark plugs. Black soot on them indicates that the fuel mixture run rich, which leads to increased consumption of gasoline. A frequent reason is a dirty air filter. Change it.
Inspect the fuel line of the car, if the spark plugs are bright Nagar. This means that the fuel system is low pressure, the result is a reduction in engine power. The reason for low pressure may be wear on the fuel pump, a clogged filter or mesh. Eliminate them. To perform more complex work of adjusting fuel injection system motorists with little experience it is better to contact the service center.