You will need
  • Three of the flag - white, blue and red colors, inch, scissors, thread colors of the flag.
How to sew a flag of Russia in accordance with the established length and width? It is important to know that the flag has a ratio of width to length as 2:3. That is, if the intended width of the flag is 60 cm, then its length will be 90 cm.
For making any necessary opaque fluid fabric such as silk. For this purpose, suitable lining material, which combines opacity, good draping properties, mutual referrals, and most importantly, low cost. The width of this fabric is 145 cm
For flag you will need three strips of white, blue and red sizes 20х90 cm (without seam). That is enough to buy three different color flap width of 25 cm (this margin in case, if the edges of the flaps are cut unevenly).
Make the workpieces of each color with a seam and taking into account the diameter of the shaft that will be attached to the flag. Allowances internal seams are 1 cm, the outer (top, outside and bottom side) – 1.5 cm seam on the side of the shaft is 3-4 cm, depending on its thickness (+ 1cm for the hem).
Thus, the white and red flag will be the size of 20cm + 1cm + 1.5 cm * 90 cm + 1.5 cm + 4 cm Final size will be 22,5х95,5 cm Blue flag will have a size 22х95 see you Can start stitching the fragments of flag.
Stitch lapped seam white and blue piece of cloth, then in the same way sew the bottom (red). How to sew a flag to the visibility of seams to minimize? Given that stitched piece of cloth of different colors, fill in the machine upper and lower thread of the corresponding color and fold 1.5 cm three external side. Then make a dash at the hem 3 cm + 1 cm for the seam. Apply the product with iron and put it on the shaft.