You will need
  • -30 cm of fabric with a width of 140 cm;
  • - thick paper;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • - the tape;
  • - iron.
Both caps must be removed 2 measurements: circumference of head and height of the headdress. The circumference of your head, divide by 2. For "Spanish flu" draw a rectangle whose length is equal to the poluobhvat head, and the width and height of the caps. Add another 0.2-0.3 cm on each side, so that the forage cap was worn freely.
For the pattern military caps swipe on graph paper a horizontal line and mark on it poluobhvat head. Down put 5-7 cm on the field, and up — 2 times in 5-7 cm and 9-10 cm 1 time Swipe through these points lines parallel to the bottom. In them you will wrap the field and to lay the folds. On the bottom line of the field set aside in both directions equal to segments 2-3 cm In each line of the folds lower at 1 cm inside the vagina. Connect the ends of all lines with a smooth curve below the cap slightly narrowed upward. Add to each side a couple of millimeters (not including allowances). Cut out the pattern.
Cut out the pattern. Take each of the caps 4 identical parts. Better pattern to circle 4 times and do the same on all sides of the allowances. The line is supposed to be on the wrong side.
Place the pattern on the item "Spanish flu" and zautyuzhte allowances to wrong side. Do the same on all other parts. Classic "Spanish flu" is sewn on the front side.
Fold together the wrong sides of 2 rectangles, one of which is for top and one for lining. Align the bottom seam, baste it and prostrochite the edge. Do the same with another couple.
Connect the halves, aligning the other slices. Similarly sweeps details on three sides and sostrochite very close to the edge. If you make the lining and the top fabric is of different colors along the side and top seams will kantik. Decorate the "Spanish flu" is possible with a brush or emblem. The tassel in the color of the edging sewn at the top front corner, the logo in the middle front seam.
On the details of military caps, seam "forward a needle" mark fields and folds. Fold each item "accordion" fold. Fold the bottom cuts on the reverse and also zautyuzhte. Similarly, as in the manufacture of "Spanish flu", sostrochite in pairs details of internal and external parties. Scribble is very close to the edge, at a distance of about 0.2 cm
Fold and zautyuzhte field. Assemble the cap, aligning and prostracii other slices. If required by the form, attach the logo. Secure fields and folds and a few invisible stitches.