You will need
  • - the tape;
  • paper;
  • - PVA glue.
Using a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head at the level of the edge of the cap. Ask someone to help you to make a measurement in order to strictly position the tape parallel to the floor.
Lift the tape 2.5 cm above the previous level, the result of the girth of the record. Make the same measurements, each time raising inch of the same distance, all the results are capture on paper.
On a sheet of paper draw a rectangle. Its length must be equal to the sum of 3 cm from the larger circumference of head, width 6 cm Fold the strip three times horizontally. The fold lines smooth out with your finger. Step back from each edge of the strips to 1.5 cm, mark this distance and lubricate it with white glue. Align the ends, wait until the glue dries. Put the Hoop on the head.
Measuring tape measure the distance from the edge of the wrap on the face to the edge at the nape. Guide such measurements, each time shifting the tape to the right by 2.5 cm All results record.
Make strips of paper for each horizontal level cap. Their length should match the circumference of your head at a certain height given an allowance of 3cm. Width of all pieces of the same – 6 see Turn each of them along, as the detail for the rim base, then glue into a ring. Also prepare the strips according to the results of the vertical measurements (glue not necessary).
Wear a cap based on the diameter of any round object. Pick up each ring. To the underside of the bottom ring, attach a vertical strip. Thread it through all horizontal rows, and passing alternately under and over the rings. Similarly, the "weave" of the entire cap.
Visor for caps, cut out of cardboard. Measure the distance between the tips of your eyebrows. This is the width of the visor. Determine the length you desire. Parallel to the wide edge of the part draw a line, departing from the edge 3 cm, Make this part of cardboard, making notches at the same distance. The valves bend at a 90° angle, a smear of PVA and glue to the hat. The finished product is paint with acrylic paints.