You will need
  • - drawing paper or watercolor paper;
  • - gouache, markers, pens;
  • fabric, paint on fabric, decorative cord.
Make a paper pennant. Define the size : for home celebrations of the options less, but for large spaces or outdoor events – large. Take a sheet of watercolor paper or drawing paper twice the expected value.
Fold the paper in half and draw the shape of the pennant. It can be narrow or wide triangle, like the jousting shield (rectangular with rounded corners top, bottom resembles the bending of a bow or acute base painted heart), or to be simple rectangular or square shape. In special cases, for example, on Valentine's Day you can make pennants, stylized hearts.
Apply to the workpiece a pattern on both sides. This can be done with markers, paints, markers, even crayons or wax crayons. If you use paint, then apply the outlines first in pencil, only very weak lines.
Paint the picture, first all the parts of the lightest color, then one that is darker. For example, your pennant is made in three colors: yellow, red, and black. Paint all the yellow, then all red, then black. Make sure that the paint has time to dry before you take on another color, so color will not mix.
Take a stick or rope, place it in the fold from the inside. Glue both sides of the pendant that it was strung on a string.
Sew a pennant made of fabric. Select the size, shape, and color of the pennant. Fold the fabric in half and cut, leaving 1 cm allowance. Embroidered pennant or paint with special paints for fabric, you can use beads and other decorations. For printing it is best to use a stencil.
Insert the rope into the fold, stitch the halves of the pennant. Decorate the edges of dense thread, braid, beautiful decorative cord with tassels.