You will need
  • Notebook in a cage, colored markers, flag image, colored beads, thread or fishing line, a needle for beading.
You can find a ready-made scheme for the flag on the Internet or create one yourself. In the notebook in the box and draw a rectangle the appropriate size flag bead that you want to do. The number of cells should equal the number of beads. Color with colored pencils or markers of the cells so as to obtain a drawing similar to the image of the flag. Complex images can be processed with special software for embroidery that break the figure at the right the number of pixels.
The scheme of the British flag
Take your needle, pass it to the thread or thin fishing line. Dial on the thread all the beads of the first row (you can start weaving the flag with any of its sides).
The second bead will problematise to the first so that each bead of the second row found itself above the first bead. Check with the scheme, choosing each bead. The first bead of the second row bring the first bead of the first, encircling them in a circle with a needle and thread. Then as podletaya second, third, etc.
The weave pattern of the flag hand weaving
The third and subsequent rows of beads are weaved in a similar way. If the thread is over and you want to add a new one, tie the ends of the old and new yarns together, tie them between the beads of the previous row. And make a few knots for greater reliability.
The resulting bead rectangle need to be equipped with hardware to get a finished product. Sew to one side flag bead loop 5-8 beads. Pass the fishing line through the beads of the loop a few times, make it as strong as possible. If you want to make earrings, attach to the flag out of the enclosure and beads make this earring pair. If you need a keychain, attach the metal mount for the keychain to the flag.