It is a requirement of Russian post, which apply to every package coming into the office and covered the cloth: Cloth for covering of the parcel need to use a bright and solid;
Cloth for covering should be exceptionally solid and durable piece of fabric;
- Threads should be the same numbers and colors. It is also desirable that the threads match the color and fabric;
- All seams, except for the left side in relation to the address side of the parcel should be joined inseam;
Address should be written on the parcel. Additionally, stick or sew something on the parcel;
- The distance between the seals should not exceed 10 cm;
- Address needs to be from beginning to end is written with a pen.
And here is how you can sheathe the parcel: measure the dimensions, embroider of a fabric something like a pillow case, not forgetting about the fact that the seams should be internal. The address will need to write later on the side without seams.
The end on the right side of the place where will be written the address, fold it inside and sew the sides. Now put this bag package, fold the corners of the outside ends of left side (relative to address), sew them. Then these joints will be printing, the distance between them should not exceed 10 cm.
The package is correctly signed as follows: in the upper left corner of the parcel on the right side is written the name of the sender address and the right recipient's name with address. Next is the declared value. All the package is trimmed and decorated. Now you can go to the post office.