To start, you need a suitable fabric. Choose a fabric dense enough to hold the shape.
Download from the network pattern bow tie – it's as easy to find as the pattern is very simple. Make all the necessary measurements – neck circumference in centimeters, and the length and width of the intended butterfly.
After all the measurements are done, cut out all the elements of the pattern of lining of fleece or dublerin. It will support the form tie from the inside.
Then the same pattern pieces will place using sewing pins on the wrong side of the fabric you have selected for tie, neatly draw a tailor's chalk and cut them out, considering 5 mm on each side for the hem and seams. Details must be duplicated for the front and inside of the tie.
Before sewing all the parts in one product, smooth and otparit their iron. Attach details of non-woven adhesive side on the wrong side of the fabric detail and carefully iron with a hot iron.
Once the lining is glued, place another cloth on top part of the bow tie so that both fabric details – fused interlining and the usual – went at each other, right sides inside.
Stitch detail along the contour, paying special attention to the corners and leaving a small hole in the side. Corners looked at the finished butterfly is better, slightly incise the fabric on the corners from the inside.
Through the remaining hole turn the tie on the front side and a hidden seam sew the hole.
Again iron the tie, with the front side, amperite and dry. Sew the tie to the cloth band that wraps around the neck your bow tie ready.