The necessary conditions that must be met by individuals who begin to strengthen the knee joint to reduce the load on the knee joint, you can apply the elastic bandage, which do not prevent blood circulation, canes, and other different ways that you can "support" the joints and reduce the severity; be sure to drink plenty of water since water delivers many essential nutrients to restore the joint.
Exercises that help strengthen the knee joint: the Most affordable exercise are the slopes. When performing this exercise, care must be taken that the back is bent only in the lumbar region. In this case, try the fingertips to touch the floor without bending my knees. You need to slowly bend over, feeling the stretching of the buttocks and back of legs. Only in this case can be achieved the maximum effectiveness of the exercises to strengthen the knee joints.
Squats. To perform correctly without damaging the knees, you need to know the following: exercise should be done slowly, and the angle between the Shin and thigh acute should not be. Otherwise, in the moment when you will ascend, will be a pretty big strain on the tendons of the muscles, and you instead of strengthening the knee can get pulled muscles. It is also impossible to prevent the occurrence of acute pain. Exercise is only effective when people feel a slight discomfort, which occurs at the time of high load and goes when you return to the initial starting position. To strengthen the ligaments of the knee it is best to spread his legs as widely as possible and deploy the feet that can provide the greatest stretching of ligaments and muscles. At the bottom you need to fix and count slowly to five. For a person unprepared for such physical exertion, it will be enough to do 24 sit-UPS during the day. It would be better if 8 sit-UPS to do in the morning, 8 squats, Lunches, and 8 squats for an hour before bedtime.
To work on strengthening the ligaments of the knee you can even just sitting in a chair. First, raise the straightened leg, maximally Flex the foot and hold it in this position the leg for 3-4 seconds. Then do the same with the other leg.