In such cases, you can not do without a visit to the specialist, because only a doctor can determine the cause of the problem in the knee joint, their characteristics. Also specialist explores the overall health, prescribe physical therapy, drug treatment of diseases of the joints, will find acceptable forms of study, amounts of physical activity (which is important).
You must also correctly determine the type of disease. In osteoarthritis, for example, have to be prescribed therapeutic exercises relief of the load on the affected joint. remember also that is very useful is swimming (the best is two to four times a week). But in any case it is impossible to ride a bike. Also contraindicated squats, exercises with dumbbells. Exercises are allowed to perform only in the sitting position or lying down. No job on the body increased stress, because it can only lead to a progression of pathological changes.
Beneficial effects have a bath (iodine-bromine, hydrogen sulfide, radon, coniferous and sea salt). The first three take usually medical spas, clinics, and the latter can be arranged at home.
In inflammatory arthritis you have, conversely, to increase physical activity. This is necessary in order to prevent restriction of mobility of joints. However, know your limits, don't take on more than they can afford.
In the treatment of osteoarthritis drugs are used to restore the cartilage (this is the main problem). The specialist may prescribe drugs with the content of various chondroprotection. Instant results, of course, to be expected. The result will be noticeable only after prolonged use. Very often osteoarthritis is accompanied by pain in the knee joint. For pain relief the doctor will prescribe you any painkillers. And to relieve swelling, joint inflammation used anti-inflammatory drugs.