There are alarms with GSM/GPS modules. In the module is a sim card with a phone number that can transmit information about the coordinates of the location of the car. Depending on the model of the system you can once you request the data, or be able to trace the entire route of movement of the machine over the Internet. Simply register on the website of the manufacturer of the alarm and you will have the option of using a special program to monitor the movements of the car online.
The varieties of tracking systems include GSM/GPS beacons. Such a device makes contact once a day at a set time and transmits the coordinates of the location of the vehicle with an accuracy of 30-50 meters. After data transmission, the beacon will go into "sleep" mode and cannot be detected using scanning systems.
Can be installed on car satellite alarm. For a car with this alarm system monitors the operator. In the event of loss signal coming from the machine, the operator will immediately contact you and inquire if you were all right. You can call the operator and find out the location of the machine or done it in a day route. Of the downsides of such alarms it is worth noting the high cost of installation and monthly service charge.