A registered letter is a letter handed to the addressee against receipt, in this case, the sender is given a receipt. The minimum size of the registered letter 110x220 mm, and the maximum 114x162 mm. Send a registered letter weighing not more than 100 g On any registered letter need to select "custom". Delivery of a registered letter can be done with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, after receipt by the addressee of the letter the sender gets a receipt.
When the post office you have received your email (package, etc.), you will receive a special receipt that you need to save. In this check, set the mail type ID 115127(80)15138 5 that you need to know for tracking your mail.
Go to the website of the Russian post at and select the tab "Services", then "tracking", or follow the link
Enter in the box your ID number. Enter the ID should be fully, without brackets and spaces. Then click "Find".
Then you will see the search results: processed your order, sent in the following paragraph, I arrived there at the place of destination, was delivered to the addressee. Also listed all the dates of transactions.
In addition, you can also look on the website of the Russian post established terms of written correspondence delivery