Place inside the interior of the car mobile phone so that it could not find even the most experienced attacker. Get creative - perhaps it can be placed in the back of the chair, the ceiling etc. Main thing is to eliminate the possibility of accidental key presses, to provide constant charging of the battery unit from the battery through a special car charger (always equipped with a fuse), and also to take care of a good passage of radio waves. Advance connect of the operator service to determine the location of the phone. Do not forget every six months to remove it from storage and to order any paid service, otherwise the SIM card will block. The phone rang and did not give his location, turn off all audio signals. The service, depending on your preferences, either select a fixed monthly fee, or billing for each request.
Configure the service in such a way as to be able to track the location of a camera hidden in the car, from another phone you always carry. It must be connected to the same operator, and because the location service is only available within the network.

To determine the location of your car, depending on the operator and the type of service, send an SMS - or USSD-request. In response you will receive an SMS or MMS message with the address, and in the second case, and a fragment of the map. Some of the operators also allow, upon receipt of the login and password at any time to log into them on a special website and see the location of the phone on the monitor screen.
If the phone is equipped with a GPS receiver, the requirements for space tougher, because you can block the satellite signal much more easily than the base station signal. But to order the operator of a special service not required - it is sufficient to connect to unlimited Internet access. Install on phone program tracker (e.g. TrekBuddy), you will receive a login and password from the manufacturer of the program, and then on a special website you will be able to locate the car even with greater precision than in the previous case. If you use the special kids phone that has the program tracker is part of the firmware, to install any software will not have.

You can position the phone so that its camera could observe what is happening in the cabin or outside. In conjunction with the program Mowecam or Mobile Webcam and free unlimited Internet access this will allow you to constantly see on the computer screen or another phone that the camera (though the image will not be updated very often). Be sure to configure the program to stream from the camera was not public.