You will need
  • tracker.
Install in your device a special system which will allow you to check the location of your vehicle in case of theft. The GPS monitoring system is installed in a navigation system, and then sends to the satellite information about your location. Further, the information is transmitted to the computer of the owner of the vehicle in which installed a special software for monitoring. This system became widespread as a means of ensuring the safety of the car from theft.
Also you can set such a system in the conventional navigation device in order to track the movement of a person. Now there are special models of GPS navigators, are equipped with internal tracker to track objects.
Replace your GPS-Navigator on a newer model that already contains the built-in tracker, if you believe that your navigation device is already quite out of date or you do not want to install monitoring separately. This tracking system is applicable not only in navigating devices, it is also popular among manufacturers of wireless security cameras and other areas.
Such sensors it is possible to install in any other device with a navigation function (e.g., mobile phones and iPods), they are of small enough size to fit in a portable device and be unnoticed, but at the same time have a sufficiently strong signal level. This is especially true for parents who want to know the whereabouts of their children.
To install the GPS monitoring system in your navigation device, please contact the special service centers in your city, or order your tracker to the online store for self-Assembly.