Advice 1: How to track gps

At the moment it is much easier to locate a stolen vehicle with special tracking systems installed in modern GPS-navigators. This feature is available when you install a separate module.
How to track gps
You will need
  • tracker.
Install in your device a special system which will allow you to check the location of your vehicle in case of theft. The GPS monitoring system is installed in a navigation system, and then sends to the satellite information about your location. Further, the information is transmitted to the computer of the owner of the vehicle in which installed a special software for monitoring. This system became widespread as a means of ensuring the safety of the car from theft.
Also you can set such a system in the conventional navigation device in order to track the movement of a person. Now there are special models of GPS navigators, are equipped with internal tracker to track objects.
Replace your GPS-Navigator on a newer model that already contains the built-in tracker, if you believe that your navigation device is already quite out of date or you do not want to install monitoring separately. This tracking system is applicable not only in navigating devices, it is also popular among manufacturers of wireless security cameras and other areas.
Such sensors it is possible to install in any other device with a navigation function (e.g., mobile phones and iPods), they are of small enough size to fit in a portable device and be unnoticed, but at the same time have a sufficiently strong signal level. This is especially true for parents who want to know the whereabouts of their children.
To install the GPS monitoring system in your navigation device, please contact the special service centers in your city, or order your tracker to the online store for self-Assembly.
Useful advice
Do not install the trackers on the older model navigators with a weak antenna.

Advice 2: How to install navigation in car

Not to be lost to a driver in the modern urban jungle, you can install the Navigator in the car and be aware of its location. Navigator - something multi-functional and can serve not only as conductor but also as a monitor to watch DVDs and as a radio.

How to install navigation in car
You will need
  • - automotive Navigator;
  • - set of cables;
  • - screwdriver.
Buy Navigator, the most suitable dimensions. It depends on where you plan to install it. If directly in the panel, then measure the exact parameters and make Navigator exactly the desired size. If you are going to mount the device on the panel, then size, in principle, irrelevant. In this case, buy any that suits you in price and quality.
Unscrew and remove the panels all the parts that you need to replace. Usually, each machine has a place for the GPS above the radio or under it. Can set the device and instead.
Connect to the Navigator several video inputs to be connected and the radio, and a rear view camera which will be triggered automatically when the reverse gear. Connect the USB extension cable to the device, you can connect any media. Make a separate button to turn the monitor on the radio. And the home button Express for inclusion of Navigator.
Buy wire with fuse to 2A, if not, solder it yourself. This is necessary in order to connect the Navigator to the cigarette lighter power, but it does not occupy the connector.
Fix Navigator panel of your car. To do this, connect the metal frame of the fixture from the frame. Then screw the base frame to this fixture. Her contour stick double-sided tape, it will be the best option for reliable fastening of the Navigator frame. Then attach the last strap, she caught up with the main part of the snap.
Please note that Navigator, which you screw on the panel will be at eye level, allowing convenient to use while driving.
Useful advice
Not to insert in the Navigator panel, you can simply buy a special hardware, and with some models it comes. Screw the fastener to the panel, then connect the Navigator to the cigarette lighter.

Advice 3: Which is better:- gps or phone with GPS?

Tourists, motorists and travelers have the opportunity to facilitate their activities through the use of navigators. Its advantages have gps, and phones equipped with the app mapping. How to implement the same difficult choice?
Which is better:- gps or phone with GPS?

Mapping for gps

Gps Navigator can be a good choice for the motorist. First, a large part of the gps made specially for driving a car - they work fine at high speeds, they are not affected by the absence of the Internet. Second, they receive information directly from satellites in space - so Navigator's almost impossible to get lost.

One of the most popular systems for gps-navigators in our country - "Navitel". "Navitel" navigators approved by the Agency of cartography of the Russian Federation. The accuracy of gps receiving information from the satellites is quite high - breakdown location reaches five meters.

Mobile app

Mobile apps have more flexibility, modules can be easily updated via the Internet. Besides you can easily install multiple apps - this method is most suitable for solving specific problems.

Normally, mobile apps get information about the whereabouts of its owner via the Internet (gprs, 3G). They work well in urban environments, close to the points of distribution of Wi-Fi and cellular towers.

Yandex.Map and Google.Maps

Search engines "Yandex" and Google has made mapping systems of the highest level. In addition to accuracy and detail, the maps of "Yandex" and Google have a system of getting new information from ordinary users. That is why Yandex.Map and Google.Maps faster than other mapping services learn about the new shops, parks and hospitals.

Navigation with support for Android, iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry can use the "Yandex.Map and Google.Maps. Especially attractive gps-enabled mapping applications search engines - they combine the advantages of mobile applications and of the independence of the gps systems.

You cross a Navigator with a smartphone

The task set itself the companies of Asus and Garmin. Asus is a leading manufacturer of computer hardware in the world, known for its laptops and tablet computers. Garmin the leader in gps navigation and cartography. The developers wanted to create a smartphone running on Windows Mobile and is a full-fledged gps-Navigator. And they masterfully!

Created the phone is called the Garmin-Asus nuviPhone. The gps system allows the device to determine its location with high accuracy in all weather conditions.
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