How to get a light brown color brunette

Difficult to dye my hair a light brown color for brunettes. They will have to clear three to five tones, and for once this will not work. But if the hair is not only dark but thick and curly, the desired shade will be achieved is very difficult. You have to first carry out the procedure of bleaching, and then one or two times to paint curls.
A light brown color has many shades, and almost never goes out of fashion. This color makes the skin more visually delicate and fresh, and eye – bright.

The procedure of bleaching is the same as staining. The composition is applied to hair, from roots to ends, starting with the parietal and occipital areas. Stays on the hair for a certain time and then washed off. After bleaching must pass ten or twelve days, to be able to paint.

At one time, you can lighten the locks at most three colors. That is the first time you can get light brown, and chestnut or dark brown. But this shade of paint in the desired already simple enough.
When painting in a light brown color, it is worth remembering that the paint contains a large percentage of oxidizer. It makes hair drier. So after staining it is necessary to use a nourishing balms and masks.

How to get light brown color of brown hair, red and blondes

Natural blondes sometimes difficult to achieve the desired beautiful tones of hair when coloring in light brown. On the first plan comes out bright yellow or orange color added to the paint. To avoid this, better pre-tinted one strand and see what color it turns. In addition, after staining you can use special tools to mask the "chicken" color. It can be shampoos or foams with the addition of a purple colour. He is the opposite of yellow and will neutralize it perfectly.

Red hair, especially if it is thick and curly, repainted in light brown is difficult. Likely to need procedure discoloration. Natural pigment is removed from the hair, it will become hollow. And it can be filled with any paint.

At one time to dye my hair light brown can brown hair girls, those who are not too dark brown curls and brown, but only those who have hair structure is thin enough. The desired color will work, the main thing – to observe the dyeing and do not hold paint for too long.