You will need
  • Software Microsoft Office Word.
When the seriousness of the arisen problem the special teams to remove gaps do not exist. But its removal is not a difficult task. Click the "Nonprinting characters" in the standard editor pane. If the gap is not visible, clicking on this button it should appear. Simply select it with the left mouse button, and then click Delete or click the right mouse button and select "Cut".
Characters that often accompany the hidden line breaks can be removed using the Delete key. Place the cursor before the section break, then click Delete. If you have accidentally deleted any character that comes before the symbol of the break, you can lose all the formatting of the text. Sometimes the text formatting takes a long time to break down in the blink of an eye. But to worry about it not worth it. If you are faced with this situation, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z. This button will perform the action "Undo last action". This operation can be done via menu "edit", "Undo".
You can also delete a section break, the Backspace key, if you put the cursor after the break, or by selecting all of the gap left mouse button. The best view mode to detect hidden sections is "Normal view". You can activate it by clicking on menu "View" select "Normal".