If you adhere to a certain format, for example, left align, you will inevitably face the problem of transfer the words onto another line, because it is important for you not to leave empty space, not reaching to the end of the row. If this is an isolated case, you can put a hyphen manually. Simply press the "hyphen" before the end of the line, while respecting the principle of syllabic division of words. Remember that you cannot move to another line only one letter words or a combination of the consonant and the soft sign. Ideal for bloodline is a combination of a consonant and a vowel, which form a common syllable. You can migrate a few syllables at once, splitting the word in half.
If when typing you only the speed, and the literacy test you prefer to give to the computer, use "Automatically wrap" text document Microsoft Word. To set this option in Microsoft Word 2003 using the menu "tools", located on the main toolbar. Click on "Service" with the left mouse button, move the cursor to the "Language" section. In the resulting context menu, choose "hyphenation". Put a checkmark in the "Automatic hyphenation" and confirm your action by clicking "OK". You can add the settings for automatic hyphenation by selecting the width of the hyphenation zone and the maximum number of consecutive hyphenated lines. Wdelete the desired numerical values in the corresponding fields and click "OK". Saved changes will be applied to all subsequent documents in Microsoft Word.
To put the automatic hyphenation in Microsoft Word 2007 and above, click on the "page Layout", which is located on the main toolbar, the open document Microsoft Word. Hover over the "page Settings" and tick the box next to "Hyphenate". Select "Auto". Save the changes by pressing "OK".
To set automatic hyphenation of words in a text document, Notepad. To do this open the program window click on "Format" on the main toolbar. Check the box "change.