In the network there is a site International Numbering Plans. Site text in English. In order to use its services, find out the IMEI code of your phone. It is as if his personal name. Enter *?06?. The number you see on the screen is the IMEI.
On the home page, click the Number analysis tools, then go to IMEI number analysis. In the line where you want to enter IMEI, dial visiteuses room, click Analyse and get all the necessary information. If the result of your labors will be a message: "Note: This IMEI number seems to be correct, but we do not have any information on this specific handset. Please add the missing information below (Note: This IMEI number is like the real one, but we have no information about this device. Please enter the missing information below"). This means that the phone is either in the best case, have not yet registered, or is a Chinese fake, smuggled into the country outside the control of the manufacturer.
How to know where the phone is produced
Also the country of origin can be found directly on the code. This is indicated by the seventh and eighth digits of the IMEI. If the number 02 or 20, respectively, which means that the phone is manufactured in UAE that is almost one hundred percent would indicate its poor quality. Number 08, 78, or 20 represent Germany, 01, 70 or 10 Finland good the first means and the second great quality of the phone. 00 – the phone is assembled directly on the manufacturer, that is, its quality will be higher. 13 – Azerbaijan, the quality will be very low. Countries-manufacturers correspond to the following numbers: UK (codes 19 or 40), Korea (30) Singapore (60), USA (67), China (80).
How to know where the phone is produced
Finally, the easiest way is to remove the back cover and look at the sticker under the battery. However, keep in mind that if you want a sticker can always change.
How to know where the phone is produced