You will need
  • phone;
  • documentation;
  • - access to the Internet.
Go to the official website of the manufacturer of your mobile phone. Look in the right section your model and review information regarding the year of its release. Samsung official website - Nokia - Sony Ericsson Siemens -, LG - You can also obtain information about your phone model on special themed sites and forums.
Enter in standby mode, your phone the service code *#0000# and wait for. While the screen displays the information you need. Please note that sometimes there can be written a completely different information with regards to software and not related to the release date of the phone; it all depends on the manufacturer.
Enter in your phone combination for obtaining identification pjatnadtsatiminutnogo code IMEI - *#06#. Point your browser to the following web page: Enter the displayed code in the appropriate entry form on the website, get the results with regards to your phone, and review the year. Here available and other information that may seem useful, for example, a country which was assembled of your mobile device, complete model name, and so on. If the ID of your phone was not found, most likely, you have it forged.
Connect your phone to your computer and install the software that comes with it in the kit. It is possible that the utilities menu also includes information about the year of manufacture of your mobile device.