You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • codes of the countries-manufacturers of cell phones.
To identify the manufacturer of the phone, pay attention to the official marking IMEI. In her first six digits – this is the approved standard sample code (TAC), two digits for the manufacturer code (FAC). The next two digits code the country where the final Assembly (SNR). Followed by a serial number consisting of six digits. Remains one reserve number as an alternate ID.
Dial "*#06#" and you will see IMEI. If the model was not pereproshit, these figures will be reflected on the label of the cell. The inscription will look like this: "IMEI 3578522078". Lower TAC. The seventh and the eighth digit corresponds to the manufacturer code is "20". In global network there are many resources where you can find the country codes. So, in our case, the number 20 corresponds to the German manufacturer.
It should be noted that before identifying the manufacturer of mobile phone, you need to examine possible country of its production, as in the IMEI due to flashing can be just mindless values. At the same time International Mobile Equipment Identifier is the unique identifier of the original installed by the manufacturer.
If after dialing "*#06#" nothing happened, check the label that is pasted on the battery and under it. If there is deception, we can see the discrepancy between the IMEI on these structural elements of the model. In addition, the official producers of protect the label description of the phone features holographic images. Although all these marks can also be faked.
To determine the official manufacturer of the iPhone, select "About device" menu in this model. When there is a Home menu, select in the following order: "Settings", "Basic", "About device". Scroll down the page. Thus, depending on the model, you can see the marking of the serial number as UDID, IMEI, or ICCID. For example, the ICCID is the identifier of an integrated circuit card.
In addition, the bundled software phones can be supplied application "iTunes" which also allows to determine the characteristics of the manufacturer's models and some other properties. View your phone's serial number on the back of Apple's iPad, which is always present from the official manufacturer.