You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
To determine the authenticity of your phone output on the screen pyatnadcatiletnij special identification number. For this type combination *#06#, write down the displayed number and open your browser to the following address: In the opened page, select the check the imei and verify the authenticity of your phone. If you entered your imei number was not found in the database, it is possible that your phone is fake.
To find information about the manufacturing country of your mobile device, use the same identifier. Pay special attention to the 7 and 8th digits – they are pointers to the country of issue of the device. Figure 13 is the country of origin Azerbaijan, 10 and 70 Finland, 78 and 20 – Germany, 02 – United Arab Emirates, 80 – China, 44 - North Korea, 19 and 40 – Britain, and so on.
Learn more about the structure of the imei you can by clicking on the following link: Use this information when buying a cell phone. Do not trust the information on labels, as logistics may also be mistaken in the indication of basic information about the product.
To return after you have lost your phone to identify it, compare the imei number of your phone in the system and on a sticker under the battery with the data specified in the documentation and on the box you purchased from a mobile device.
Also note that if the room was broken with a special program to recognize the device will fail. At the moment, manufacturers are doing everything possible to prevent this action by setting on the mobile phone extra protection identifiers.