You will need
  • table barcode
  • - packing of goods
View the first three digits of the barcode on the product. It is decrypted in the following way: 1 – country 2 – manufacturer 3 – commodity, 4 (control) figure 5 - product manufactured under license.
View VIN code to know the vehicle manufacturer. The code consists of 17 characters and is divided into three components: WMI – international code of manufacturer VDS – narrative and VIS – a distinctive part. In order to find out which country has rolled out this model, you need to look WMI) the first character of the room defines the geographical area in which produced the vehicle, the second sign is used to denote the countries in this geographical area, and the third identificeret manufacturer.
Please note the IMEI on the cell phone, it will tell you which country the mobile device came on the market. The code consists of 4 parts, arranged in the following sequence: TAC, FAC, SNR, SP. FAC — 2 digits country code final Assembly. For example, 80 – China, 19\40 – United Kingdom, 67 United States.