You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • computer.
Pay attention to the packaging of the phone when buying. On the box with a certified phone must be imprinted with the inscription in Russian, it will be printed on the box, not on the stickers or stamps.
Open the box and check that it is necessarily Russian-speaking guide. This is important in combination with the preceding sign, to distinguish non-certified phone number: even in the package with the "gray" phone can be manual with the Russian page. Official manufacturers make usually a separate manual for the country where you want to sell the device.
Turn the phone on, its menu must have a menu. If not, then the device is not intended for sale in territory of the Russian Federation and, accordingly, the phone is not certified.
Check the authenticity of telephone by using its unique serial number. To do this, dial *#06#, the number will be displayed, click on the link and enter the numbers in the field, to check the authenticity of telephone. You can also contact the hotline with the manufacturer and find out whether the device is certified for Russia. For example, hotline Nokia– 8 800 700 2222.
Open the cover of the phone and remove the battery, look on sticker on it except the serial numbers must be signs of RST and SSE, not on a separate stamp, and next to the room. The same marking PCT needs to be on the phone, it means that the phone is certified PCT.
Inspect the keyboard: rude Russian engraving, and the discrepancy of Russian letters talking about the fake. Finally, ask the seller about the terms of warranty repair. Often, sellers do not hide the fact that they sell goods "grey".