You will need
  • - the packaging of the goods;
  • certificate, technical passport or other document for the goods.
When choosing goods, pay attention to the packaging. It must contain information about the manufacturer: full name of organization, legal address.
Open the package and examine the documents. They should also be set out the actual address of the location of production. In addition, there may be a telephone hotline of the company, at which you can call in order to clarify, manufactured, whether the product you have. Most of the products have serial numbers on them specialists can determine the origin of goods.
Ask the seller a certificate of quality for the products. In this document, including the address of the manufacturer is mandatory.
On packaging, in documents or on the product should be bar code. It defines the code of the international organization, which is the manufacturer or the trademark owner. Find this code and make a request to GEPIR (a single global registry), where you will be able to give information about the manufacturer things.
If you buy a mobile phone, to determine the manufacturer you code IMEI. To know this code, enter on keyboard *#06#. The seventh and eighth digits will indicate the name of the country in which made the final Assembly of the device. In China, collecting all the phones with the numbers 80, Korea – 30, US – 67, UK – 19 or 40 in Germany – 78 or 20, Finland – 10 or 70.
Car buyers can determine the manufacturer by the serial number VIN. The first three digits of the code number is the world manufacturer number, the first digit indicates the country, the second manufacturer, the third – production Department of the company. Figures 1, 4, 5 is USA, J – Japan, W – Germany.