You should not believe the labels on the phone itself and its battery, if you buy the phone with the owner ( they were able to stick with another phone or forge). The manufacturer of the phone is written on the phone above the screen, and occasionally under the battery. But there is another way to check the manufacturer. This will require a tube, and country code-mobile phone manufacturers.Each mobile phone has a unique IMEI (international Mobile Equipment identity). Take, for example, like this IMEI "447764401234560" It consists of a code TAC, FAC and SNR code code. TAC code (standard sample) is the first six digits of the IMEI, the next two digits is the FAC code ( manufacturer), these are followed by six more digits is a code SNR (serial number), and the last digit is the alternate ID.
To see IMEI of your phone, type on keyboard *#06# and it will automatically appear on the screen. Write it down on a piece of paper, then "drop" the first six digits TAC code. The seventh and eighth digit is the code of the manufacturer. Next, search the Internet for a list of country codes or manufacturer and verify data. If you officially buy the phone, the IMEI under the battery and IMEI displayed on the screen should be the same.
If they don't match, then you can ask for a replacement tube. On top of that, a phone that is officially imported into the country must have a "white IMEI", i.e. must be certified for sale in this country. There are official sites where you can check the "gray" (informal) or "white" (official) IMEI of your mobile phone. Now manufacturers are trying to protect their phones, pasting them into holographic images. But even they can be faked, so be careful and buy the tube only in the official representations of manufacturers of phones!