Method one: turn off your phone, remove the back cover and remove the battery. Under it you will see the desired number. It will be written on a sticker that says “IMEI” or “S/N”. However, this method cannot be used if battery power is a built-in, e.g. the models of Apple iPhone. In addition, if the phone is old, the numbers on the label can become illegible.
The second method. On the keypad type the code *#06# and press the call departure. On the screen of your phone you will see the serial number. This method only works with the SIM card.
If you purchased the phone in the cabin, on the box from legally-made models, the serial number must be specified. Find it and write down in a notebook or save in any safe place, as in the case of loss it by the serial numberat you can quickly find the stolen means of communication.
If you are going to buy a phone with it, make sure that the vehicle was not stolen. To do this, find out from the seller the IMEI before purchase and visit one of the sites that hosts the online database of stolen phones. After - check the basis of such a room. If you find it, from the questionable transaction should be abandoned.
If you are the victim of a robbery, and a cell phone was stolen, immediately contact the police. Tell us the serial number of the phone (stored in advance) and ask them to contact the cell company to track the location of a device. To search is almost useless – operators will not give you the right information, because the average user accessed.
The serial number is assigned not only cell phone, but USB modems. Therefore, a stolen modem you can find, even if it replaced the SIM card. However, the search will be successful only if you remember the IMEI or maintained it in any medium.