To know the release date of a phone with the secret code. This code can be different and depends on the manufacturer. In the devices of the Nokia company, press the key combination *#0000# , this will allow you to learn not only the date of manufacture and the software version, the code name for the phone model. To access the same information, try to use the code *#92772689#(*#WARRANTY#).
Some models of Samsung phones you can look at the date of issue using the key combination *#8999*8378# or *#0206*8378#. After you have pressed these keys, you will see a menu where you from the list choose "Done" and see the release date of the device.
View the release date of the phone under the battery, there is a combination of letters and numbers, the sixth and seventh signs of the end would be a month and possibly the year of manufacture of your phone.
For Sony Ericsson phones information about the release date look on the sticker that is under the battery. Among the letters and numbers, look that will look something like this: 08W45, which means 08-year, 45-week production, now look at the calendar and find the 45th week of 2008, here's to you and release date your phone. Of course, not knowing how to decode this type of information will be difficult to guess.
Responsible manufacturers indicate the date of issue of the accompanying documents to the apparatus, usually affixed by the factory, stacked stamp in format YY.MM.DD rarely date is placed by hand. But do not blindly trust the information about products, vendors wishing to extend the life of the device alter the date on a fresh, and even removed the card from the box of the phone. In this case study the warranty card, properly executed document date of issue must be placed on the front side of the card.