Advice 1: How to check the originality of Nokia

There are many foreign manufacturing firms producing illegal cell phones of popular models of famous brands. If you purchased a cell phone, and its origin is in doubt, with the help of this manual you can check it for originality.
How to check the originality of Nokia
It is necessary to determine the IMEI – the unique identification number for your cellular phone consisting of 15 digits. It is contained in the firmware and installed during production at the factory.Dial on the keypad in the standby mode of the device *#06#
Number will display on the screen, for example, 351539006764155
Somewhere rewrite your sequence of numbers.
Turn the phone off and open the battery compartment of the device, remove the battery, locate the enclosure underneath the sticker. There will be the same IMEI.
Compare this number with the one copied from the screen. If they match, then most likely the phone is not fake. However, this does not guarantee the legitimacy of its sales in Russia.
Check as well with numbers on the package, if it survived, and with the number specified in the warranty card. They must be the same. Brand devices in Nokia stores (or the official representatives of the company) are supplied with a twelve month warranty blue sticker on the lid or on the box.
Now let's check out the area of the legality of the sale, that is where they should sell this unit. You will need Internet access, so set it connection. If access cannot be obtained, go to paragraph 9 of this instruction.
Run the browser in the input string ' type
Then press Enter. You will see the form of a query consisting of a single field to indicate the IMEI under the heading "Enter IMEI number below".
Enter your 15 digits and press Enter, either at the end of a field left click the mouse on the button "analyse". Will display summary information.
Check with your phone model name in the field "Mobile Equipment Type" and "Primary Market" will indicate the region of sale. For example, it will be Europe (Europe) for IMEI 351539006764155
Check IMEI of your device with information from the hotline of the Russian representative office of Nokia. To do this, call the toll free number 8 200 700 2222, tell the operator 15 digits. If I say, that this IMEI is not listed in the database, it is not branded Nokia.
Useful advice
IMEI — International Mobile Equipment Identity (international mobile equipment identity is 15-digit number unique to each using his cell phone.
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Advice 2 : How to check Internet access

The Internet is an integral part of life of every modern man. Access to the global network gives us the opportunity to flexibly and quickly get information from all over the world. But what if to connect to the network fails?
How to check Internet access
You will need
  • the connection to the Internet.
To verify Internet access on the computer where you plan to install the connection, open the start menu "start" on the left side which click "Connect" and then "Show all connections". In the window "Network connections" double-click click on the Internet connection that you want to test. If the network connections you have made a shortcut on the desktop, then double-click on it.
You will see a connection window in which you will need to enter your login (username) and password (they are required to register you created the connection in the provider network) and, if necessary, select the "Save username and password", which will remember data you enter for future connections to the Internet. Once you've selected and entered the required information, click "Call". This will make a connection with the provider.
However, the appearance of the tooltip next to the icon connect to the Internet yet no evidence that the Netlogon successfully implemented. You need to check the access, opening one of the electronic pages. Launch your browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and navigate to any website. If it opens, the input to the network is produced. If the connection will be unidentified, check:- is the network cable plugged into the Jack on the modem or the telephone line (one of the most common problems of lack of access to the Internet);
- have you correctly entered the username and password entered and if they do.
Sometimes the lack of Internet access is associated with network cards. Find out whether you are connected to it (right-click on the icon "My computer" -> "Manage" -> "device Manager" -> "Network card") if she was okay and stuff.
If you go online and did not work, look at the calendar. It may well be that you simply had not paid a subscription fee.
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