Advice 1: How to check the originality of Nokia

There are many foreign manufacturing firms producing illegal cell phones of popular models of famous brands. If you purchased a cell phone, and its origin is in doubt, with the help of this manual you can check it for originality.
How to check the originality of Nokia
It is necessary to determine the IMEI – the unique identification number for your cellular phone consisting of 15 digits. It is contained in the firmware and installed during production at the factory.Dial on the keypad in the standby mode of the device *#06#
Number will display on the screen, for example, 351539006764155
Somewhere rewrite your sequence of numbers.
Turn the phone off and open the battery compartment of the device, remove the battery, locate the enclosure underneath the sticker. There will be the same IMEI.
Compare this number with the one copied from the screen. If they match, then most likely the phone is not fake. However, this does not guarantee the legitimacy of its sales in Russia.
Check as well with numbers on the package, if it survived, and with the number specified in the warranty card. They must be the same. Brand devices in Nokia stores (or the official representatives of the company) are supplied with a twelve month warranty blue sticker on the lid or on the box.
Now let's check out the area of the legality of the sale, that is where they should sell this unit. You will need Internet access, so set it connection. If access cannot be obtained, go to paragraph 9 of this instruction.
Run the browser in the input string ' type
Then press Enter. You will see the form of a query consisting of a single field to indicate the IMEI under the heading "Enter IMEI number below".
Enter your 15 digits and press Enter, either at the end of a field left click the mouse on the button "analyse". Will display summary information.
Check with your phone model name in the field "Mobile Equipment Type" and "Primary Market" will indicate the region of sale. For example, it will be Europe (Europe) for IMEI 351539006764155
Check IMEI of your device with information from the hotline of the Russian representative office of Nokia. To do this, call the toll free number 8 200 700 2222, tell the operator 15 digits. If I say, that this IMEI is not listed in the database, it is not branded Nokia.
Useful advice
IMEI — International Mobile Equipment Identity (international mobile equipment identity is 15-digit number unique to each using his cell phone.
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Advice 2 : How to distinguish the Finnish "Nokia" from the Chinese

Buying a mobile phone, I want to be sure in its quality. Always frustrating instead of branded stuff to buy a Chinese fake. And if the phone is purchased as a gift for a close person, this desire is amplified many times. As, for example, to distinguish the real Finnish Nokia from analog, released in China?
How to distinguish the Finnish "Nokia" from the Chinese
You will need
  • - the Internet.
Check out what is offered in the kit at purchase. Must be documents on your phone and warranty card. Be sure to compare the IMEI code of the phone number on the back label, packing box, warranty card. Type the code *#06# and verify the originality of the phone.
If the seller cannot provide you with a full kit, carefully read the telephone housing. It needs to be flat, smooth, the items should not hang out. The lid must open tight, but without much effort. Make sure that the front panel was not pixelated, blurry, low-quality labels Nokia. If you see options such as Nokla, Anokia and the like, you can leave - you are deceived.
Open the phone and inspect the battery. You should be alerted the presence of Chinese characters, white glossy taping with rough fuzzy letters. The battery is the original often has a gray taping. It should be a sticker hologram with the code. If desired, this code you can score and check the originality on the official Nokia website.
Turn the phone and browse the menu. Look for typos, inaccuracies, and other defects. Even the smallest mistake in the menu means that the phone is fake.
Note another way to check the phone to originality. Before buying search the Internet on the official website information about Nokia. Write down the amounts of memory for suitable phones. When you buy the phone check whether the values with those you see in the inspect model.
Useful advice
Never buy a phone from the hands of strangers. Visit a reputable salon. It is better to pay more but to buy a quality machine with a properly executed warranty card.

Advice 3 : Which phone is better: Nokia or Samsung

The market of mobile phones and smartphones currently Packed with a variety of models and variations of these models. Samsung and Nokia are among the leading manufacturers of phones, however, the user becomes more and more difficult to understand is, what kind of phone he needs.
Which phone is better: Nokia or Samsung

Push-button models

Most modern phones have a touch screen, but Samsung and Nokia offer their users several models of push-button phones. If you like the design of the phone, then pay attention to these models, which are the leaders in functionality, but according to certain parameters more convenient to use.

Flagships - touch smartphones

Important aspects when choosing a phone are its design and technical characteristics. If you choose any model can anyone here with the technical specifications to understand is more difficult. Both companies produce a quality phone that can satisfy the most sophisticated demands of users, but each model still has its advantages.

Company data before releasing phones on different operating systems: Samsung on Android and Nokia on Windows Phone. For Android created by more different applications for work and entertainment. However, Windows Phone allows you to quickly and efficiently share and use all documents created on a computer running Windows. However, the latest model released by Nokia, runs on new Android operating system.

The performance of the flagship companies of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nokia Lumia 1520 is approximately at the same level. If the processor in the phone has 8 cores, not 4, as for Nokia, its frequency is somewhat lower at 1.6 GHz vs 2.2 GHz in the Nokia Lumia 1520. Model from Nokia has a large screen, however the display resolution of the same. Standard memory Nokia two times more than the Samsung. Nokia Lumia is equipped with the best rear camera that gives you really high quality pictures but the front camera has characteristics much worse than the Samsung Galaxy S4. The battery capacity is more phone Nokia Lumia 1520, which allows it to operate in standby mode up to 70% longer than the Samsung phone. Both phones have plastic casing, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 is lighter than its opponent to 60 %.

Each model has its plusses and minuses: some people like it easy by Samsung with Android operating system, someone will attract a large screen Nokia Lumia, its colourful pictures and bright body. In any case, with their main tasks: calls, texts, surfing the Internet every smartphone copes.
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