Ask the doctor if there's a way to deal with your disease surgically. To treat certain types of cancerand in the initial stage a fairly radical removal of the tumor. If the disease is already severe, the surgeon during surgery, in addition to the main education trying to remove nearby lymph nodes. This reduces the risk, if not avoid metastasis of the tumor.
Find out whether the planned chemotherapy. This treatment is very effective in dealing with many types of cancer. It allows to destroy not only education, but also distant metastasis, which helps to succeed in patients with even the advanced stages. Ask in detail your doctor about what drugs will be used and how to deal with side effects from therapy.
Ask shown whether radiation therapy to deal with your disease. It also is a proven and effective method of treatment of cancer. Side effects with this treatment are not as pronounced as during chemotherapy, but ask the radiologist and oncologist to tell you about the limitations and way of life during the treatment.
Find out if you have indications for immunotherapy, and is she in a medical facility where you are. This relatively new method of treatment of tumors has shown its effectiveness in treatment. Your activating the antitumor immune system, the therapy helps the body fight the tumor and metastases.