Consult an experienced oncologist and talk to him about alternative treatment. Usually of metastatic growth stops during the passage of chemotherapy. In some cases they do resolve. But it depends on the variety of cells, therefore it is not always the outcome is favorable.

If you have already undergone primary treatment of cancer in a hospital, you must assign anticancer drugs. Take them regularly according to the pattern that made up the doctor, and not as described in the summary. Do not assign to themselves nothing good of it can be a little. Of course, such tools are expensive, but without them can not do.

On the background of the main cancer treatment, you can resort to alternative medicine. Buy herb cat's claw. Brew 1 tbsp in a glass of boiling water. To steep until liquid cools to room temperature. Strain and take 50 ml a few times a day. Cup of infusion enough for a day and then make fresh.

A good antitumor effect has burdock root. If you have in the garden or in the country growing this plant in the summer take fresh juice. Dig up the roots, chop on a grater and pour 100 g of material to 100 ml of cold boiled water. Leave for a few hours, then press through several layers of cheesecloth. Drink half a Cup 3 times a day on an empty stomach. In winter you can use the herb that is sold over the counter. Steep 1-2 tablespoons of boiled water, take in a similar way, when the broth has cooled slightly.

Unfortunately, to stop the growth of metastases does not always work. Therefore sometimes a decision is made about their prompt removal. Do not refuse the operation, otherwise, the chances of recovery become much smaller. Don't forget to pass routine inspection and examination by an oncologist to monitor the condition. Remember! Traditional medicine cannot cure cancer, it only helps to overcome the disease on the background of the main treatment!