Consult your gynecologist and take a PAP smear from the vagina. It is worth noting that not always a positive reaction means cancer. In some cases, smear positive of leukoplakia, erosion, and other pathological abnormalities. Therefore, for more accurate results you will need to take and biopsy.
After all the studies of tissue taken from the cervix, the doctor will prescribe a treatment. Do not be afraid and do not worry if you just went to the hospital and the metastasis was not out of the pelvic cavity, then the treatment will be successful. The mortality of women from cervical cancer is low, what can be said about breast cancer.
The treatment may consist in the application of various methods and schemes. If you have the initial stage with lesions of only the top layer of the cervix (mucous layer), then you will probably izsekot damaged tissue and to appoint a course of radiation therapy. Sometimes prescribe chemotherapy and radiation therapy without surgery - it all depends on the type of cancer and the affected area.
Of treatment quite a lot. The doctor focuses on the patient's age, health status and many other factors. Then assigned treatment. If the cancer has struck not only the cervix, but has grown into the bladder, vagina or bowel, can assign the removal of the uterus and all the surrounding metastases. Chemo and radiation therapy in this case will be intense, but there is no guarantee that relapse will not, so as to find all foci of the metastases impossible.
Do not try to treated folk remedies - they will not help. You will only aggravate their condition and complicate further treatment. Best to immediately contact the hospital, because cancer is not common cold, and cure it with herbs impossible. Do not refuse removal of the uterus, women lead the same lifestyle and after surgery is that can't have baby. Only an experienced oncologist is able to help you.