The characteristic of stage

Stage 1 cancer is characterized by the appearance of the initial lesion of the disease. The tumor usually appears as a result of influence of external factors, e.g. UV radiation or radiation that cause DNA damage and trigger the growth of cancer cells. Stage 1 is best to treat and almost 90-95% of cases the patient fails to heal completely.

Without the selection of appropriate therapy and start the necessary treatment cancer after some time passes in the 2nd stage, which is already a threat to patient's life and is characterized by a gradual transition of the disease to other organs through the lymphatic system. However, even a 2 stage cure of the patient is possible in 70-75% of cases when properly organized therapy. In the transition to 3 stage the cure rate drops about 30% due to metastases.

Diagnosis at an early stage

Cancer at an early stage in most cases may not manifest itself, however, the symptoms of the disease may depend on the location of the tumor and its characteristics. Typically, the diagnosis of the patient can be carried out when carrying out techniques such as x-ray, endoscopy or computed tomography. Thanks to the constant monitoring and timely attendance procedures it is possible to detect the cancer and thus increase the likelihood of a speedy recovery. For example, annual mammograms in women over 40, helps to identify the tumor and its treatment on time. A reliable method for diagnosing cancer stage 1 is the biochemical study of blood.


Cancer treatment is selected in accordance with the localization of the tumor and its structure. The disease is best curable at stage 1. Treatment is made after clinical examination of the patient and the relevant diagnostic procedures that more accurately determine the type of tumor. Typically, when treatment of the disease complex approach, which consists of three parts.

Initially, the tumor is removed through surgery. After excision of the lesion is chemotherapy, which allows you to remove the affected cells, localized to the tissue site. In the early stages is often used targeted therapy by administering the drugs is on the affected area. Also, a radiation therapy, allowing to eliminate the appearance of relapses and to destroy the remaining cells.