Breast cancer is the trouble with modern women

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor, whose development is due to various hormonal factors – early onset of menstruation, a large number of abortions, late delivery or lack thereof, etc. risk Supplement patients suffering from nodular disease of the breast, hypertension, diabetes, obesity.

Preventive interventions for this group of the female population should become a regular hormonal oral contraceptives and annual mammography testing. Any tumors found in verkhnemelovykh quadrants of the breast are the reason for the visit to the oncologist.

Peculiarities of breast cancer in the 2nd stage

The second stage of breast cancer considered early manifestations of the disease. But in case of defeat pathology of a few lymph nodes experts say about its relationship to later forms.
Cancer occurring in diffuse invasive, and some patients require excision of vessels, thoracic muscles and ribs.

Traits of stage 2 breast cancer are:
- the presence of neoplasms, or tumors, ranging in size from 2 to 5 cm;
- affected lymph nodes located in the axilla and adjacent to the tumor.

About the malignant nature of the tumor is judged by the absence of adhesions lymph nodes among themselves and with neighboring tissues. Podstudio of cancer occurring in the 2nd degree is classified as follows:

- substage 2A in which the tumor size has not reached 2 cm, but already there is a lesion of malignant cells in the lymph nodes of the armpit;
in podstudio 2B tumor size ranged from 2 to 5 cm with spread to the lymph nodes of the body.

The attitude to stage IIA, the tumor size up to 5 cm is only in the absence of diffusion. If the diameter of the tumor exceeded a value of 5 cm, but the process remains within the affected breast, the disease is considered to be occurring in stage 2B.
Chemotherapy administered during treatment of tumors larger than 5 cm it Is carried out before the operation and after it.

How to treat breast cancer, occurring in 2 stages?

Surgery as treatment for breast cancer involves mastectomy, or complete amputation of the diseased breast. Some patients may be offered organ – preserving surgery the choice is made on the basis of results of complex diagnostics.

Metastatic lymph nodes, regardless of their location, are also deleted. In the postoperative period, the patients assigned radiotherapy – internal or external contact exposure rates to 6 weeks. For internal use, the patients are recommended the hormone blockers.