Currently on the territory of the Russian Federation unified state register of construction permits. At this stage it is open access for all Internet users. To check the license presented to you, first, via the Internet, go to this registry. It is not difficult. Just search type integrated register of construction permits," and then go to it.
You will see several large blocks: a register of licenses issued for construction activities, the license for energy audits, engineering surveys, mapping and design. Select the desired, focusing on the license, which you should check.
For convenience of search it is better to use classifier. It can enter the city in which a license is issued, and the status and sort of a license on the grounds.
In the opened list find the full title of the issued license. If there is one, be sure to check all the data such as the exact name of the organization that issued the license, its legal address, number of licence and date of issue. Happens that the number of false document actually exists in the unified register of licenses, here only was that number a very different organization. So be careful. A single register of licenses is constantly updated, so the information contained therein is accurate enough.