If you want to know the validity of your license request to the licensing authority and submit the application for granting you an extract from the register of licenses. But be careful, as your appeal may initiate an unscheduled inspection of the activities of your organization, especially if the expiration date of your license is about to end, and you have not yet had time to apply for its renewal.
Usually the Commission is scheduled audits of the organizations not more often 1 time in 2 years. The duration of such verification, – no more than 5 days. No less than 3 days you will be informed about the impending test. But if you, for example, the owner of the security company, the Commission will check the level of your services and the licences for the weapons and special means.
If the result of the process of planned inspection revealed some violations, prepare ye for that which will soon be followed by the visit of the Commission from the licensing authority and other departments with the unscheduled inspection.
In addition, unscheduled inspection shall be conducted in the following cases:

- when receiving information from the public authorities about the violation by the licensee of the conditions and requirements of the license;

- after the complaints of citizens, individual entrepreneurs or legal persons with complaints about the violation of their rights and interests through the actions of the licensee;

- when receiving other documents and other evidence proving the violations.
Provide for inspection all necessary documents. If the test is unplanned, in addition to the documents you will be required to provide and explanation or refutation of your actions, documented.
Get one of the 2 copies of the report made on the results of the audit. If violations were detected, the instrument indicates which conditions were violated. In addition, the specified period for correcting violations.
Once all violations had been corrected, notify the licensing authority in writing.