You will need
  • - statement in a single regional authority.
  • - receipt of payment for services;
  • - passport;
  • - statement to the administration.
To check the authenticity of the certificate, to apply to the regional center a single certification. Pay a fee for the provision of services for the distribution of information. All information about the certificate of conformity is entered in the unified state registry under the serial number. Upon issuance of the certificate creates a regional Commission, a Protocol on conformity of goods to Standards, sanitary and epidemiological safety. The Protocol is recorded in the unified accounting log on the certification authority. All information is transmitted to the Executive authorities.
You will be given information that made all the lists of goods specified in the certificate of conformity in the uniform register, and can also give information about ordinal number of the record of a report signed by members of the certification Commission.
If the goods are sent to the lab, then you can get her address and ask him to check the information about the results of the examinations and issued certificates.
You can make an electronic request to the center unified certification online. In this case you must provide information about the financial document confirming the payment for the provision of services release of information about the authenticity of the document.
Absolutely free information about the authenticity of the certificate you can obtain by contacting local authorities. The municipality has all of the information entered into the unified state registry certification. You have given them, apply on paper, present your regular passport.
No other authentication methods, the certificate of conformity does not exist. Therefore, to ensure the authenticity of a document only in specified ways, but this is enough to ensure that the product meets all the requirements.