Before making a decision about the beginning of training visit your chosen school and ask to see their license to conduct educational activities and the training of drivers. Be sure to record the license number, full name of the driving school and its address, the name of the state authority and officials that issued the license.
If the license and training program, in your opinion, all right, do not rush to pay, because the license could easily be a well done fake. Check the license in one of three ways.
The first method (to check the license of a driving school database on the Internet) will require less time commitment, but carries a big risk, as there is a high probability that the information provided to be irrelevant or even false.
Enter in a search line of Yandex and Google for "How to verify the license of a driving school". In the search results, click on the second website above. On the page on the left side menu find "Those who choose a driving school" and click on the menu item "Check licenses driving schools". Opens check the license of the Moscow schools. For further information, enter in the appropriate boxes license number, name of school and address of school or his part. Click on the button "Search in the register of driving schools".
To verify the license of a driving school in any subject of the Russian Federation, type in the search bar of Yandex or Google for "How to verify the license of a driving school". In the search results, select the first site from the drop down list. The service checks the licenses of driving schools throughout Russia. To obtain the necessary information in the appropriate boxes, enter the name of the subject of the Russian Federation, which houses the driving school name driving school license number. Click "Search".
The second method will require much more time, but you will be absolutely sure that your chosen driving school operates in strict accordance with the law. Visit the bodies of Rosobrnadzor your Prefecture or district and request the necessary information there. Or go to the traffic police authorities. The fact is that without coordination with the traffic police no driving school can not carry out its activities and to teach students. The traffic police must approve the premises of a driving school. In addition, they must make sure that the driving school has everything you need to ensure the normal educational process (educational posters; special education transportation; a properly equipped circuit, etc.). Therefore, the information obtained in the traffic police, you can be sure at 100 percent.
The third way to find people trained in this driving school. Ask relatives, friends and acquaintances what they know about the school, what is his reputation, how responsible employees are fit to perform their professional duties. Don't forget to ask about the license.

As for the reviews on the Internet, it is not the fact that they are real, especially if "sweet-sickly" positive, without a single sign of displeasure or negativity. These reviews come with a grain of salt and carefully consider all available information, such as opinion easy to order on the exchange of freelancing. Negative reviews are also too do not trust, because people usually write them under the influence of strong emotions (anger, rage, irritation), so they are totally biased. The only exception is the presence of large number of such reviews and the complete absence or one or two positive. In this case, stay away from such driving schools away.
Find reviews, where will be described the learning process, the attitude of teachers towards students, technical condition of training vehicles and the circuit, etc., indicating the pros and cons logically literate and connected text without emotion. These reviews are more objective and contain valuable information that will help you in making decisions. But keep in mind that reviews should never be trusted completely, try to collect more information about driving school and take decision after analyzing all the available facts.