Advice 1: How to check the license for medical activity

Implementation of medical activities in Russia - an area subject to obligatory state licensing. Accordingly, any medical institution shall have a license, which if necessary can be checked.
How to check the license for medical activity

The licensing of medical activities in Russia

The order of granting licenses for implementation of medical activity in Russia is regulated by the Decree of the Government No. 291 of 16 April 2012 "On licensing of medical activity". To obtain a license are required not only public but also private medical institutions. In addition, it should be borne in mind that licensing is subject not only to the actual provision of services in the field of treatment of certain diseases, but also the provision of sanatorium-resort services, conducting medical examinations, examinations of even preventive measures.

In order to obtain a license, a facility must comply with a number of serious requirements as to the availability of buildings, structures and equipment available to hospitals or other similar organizations, and to the qualifications and experience of the staff included in its staff. For example, heads of medical institutions should have experience of work on speciality not less than 5 years in the case of availability of higher education and at least 3 years with an average education. The Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health maintains a special database that records all information about issued by the medical organizations licenses, and provides monthly updating of information contained therein.

License check

Every patient of a medical institution and a citizen who is only going to use its services, is entitled to ensure that it has the necessary license and its validity at the moment has not expired. This right is granted by the current legislation.

Thus, this right applies not only to public and private healthcare institutions providing paid medical services. Moreover, the requirements for such organizations to inform their patients sufficiently rigorous. So, the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1066 dated 4 October 2012, stipulates that each Agency must provide its customers with the opportunity to see a valid license in two ways.

The first of these ways - placement of information about the current license on the official website of the organization on the Internet. The Agency should lay out the network not only the license number but also the date of its issuance and a list of services that the medical institution is permitted to provide in accordance with this document.

In addition, the organization should place the same information directly in the room occupied by it, so that the patient can receive the necessary information already during the visit to the medical center. As a rule, a copy of the license is posted in the waiting room of the organization, for example, in the vicinity of the registry. In case you have not found this information in the zone of visibility, you have the right to ask the Registrar or other employee of the organization that hosts this information.

Advice 2: How to check the license

To control the process of providing services and production of goods subject to licensing representatives of the licensing authority and other departments, in whose jurisdiction the activities of the organization, conduct scheduled and unscheduled inspections of activities of organizations. How are they held, and what might be the reason for unscheduled inspections?
How to check the license
If you want to know the validity of your license request to the licensing authority and submit the application for granting you an extract from the register of licenses. But be careful, as your appeal may initiate an unscheduled inspection of the activities of your organization, especially if the expiration date of your license is about to end, and you have not yet had time to apply for its renewal.
Usually the Commission is scheduled audits of the organizations not more often 1 time in 2 years. The duration of such verification, – no more than 5 days. No less than 3 days you will be informed about the impending test. But if you, for example, the owner of the security company, the Commission will check the level of your services and the licences for the weapons and special means.
If the result of the process of planned inspection revealed some violations, prepare ye for that which will soon be followed by the visit of the Commission from the licensing authority and other departments with the unscheduled inspection.
In addition, unscheduled inspection shall be conducted in the following cases:

- when receiving information from the public authorities about the violation by the licensee of the conditions and requirements of the license;

- after the complaints of citizens, individual entrepreneurs or legal persons with complaints about the violation of their rights and interests through the actions of the licensee;

- when receiving other documents and other evidence proving the violations.
Provide for inspection all necessary documents. If the test is unplanned, in addition to the documents you will be required to provide and explanation or refutation of your actions, documented.
Get one of the 2 copies of the report made on the results of the audit. If violations were detected, the instrument indicates which conditions were violated. In addition, the specified period for correcting violations.
Once all violations had been corrected, notify the licensing authority in writing.
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