Send a request to the school that issued the diploma to the rector. If the University refuses to provide such information, make a official request on organization's letterhead, which specify the purpose of the audit. In addition, such a request must be signed by the owner of the diploma that will attest to the fact that he has read the message and agree with your decision to check the authenticity of documents on education.
If your organization has security guards, ask the chief for it to be on the channels (law enforcement, tax authorities, etc.) checked the authenticity of the diploma. In the case of a high degree of interest in the candidate or that the position to which he claims were quickly occupied a highly qualified specialist, contact with a similar request to the detective Agency.
A good option is to make a few private calls to the Dean, the chair, to the trade Union of students and other units of the University, in order to figure out how he studied a graduate of this University and studied if at all. With the same purpose and can be accessed in the social network, to find community of graduates of this school and find out all the information you need.
The diploma can be checked for authenticity and giving the original to the examination, or spend it yourself, for example using materials posted on the website On this resource you can find information about all of the degrees of protection of forms of diplomas of Russia and Ukraine. Thus, in particular, the site says that the Russian diploma is of 32 degree of protection, each of which is described in detail.
Remove the photocopy of the diploma. If the form is present, then the photocopies will clearly viewed the word "Copy". Bring your diploma to the UV lamp: in the light of the true form comes green "tails".
If you have no funds and time to carry out multi-stage checks, conduct another round of interview test. Use test materials program elements of the state exam of that University whose graduate is the applicant. Be sure to include in the test and practical tasks. Review its results and make conclusions.