Standard procedure is to check the authenticity of the operating systems Windows version 7 activation process during the initial installation of the software. This check is performed automatically and does not require any additional actions.
If necessary, authentication installed and used version of Windows 7, you need to call up the main menu by pressing the button "start" and go to "All programs." Find the row with the name of the browser and run it. Go to the authentication page of the official website of Microsoft and click "validate now". The procedure takes a few seconds and is compared to the hardware profile of the computer with a special key, consisting of twenty-five characters. Find this key in the authentication certificate.
An alternative method of verification can be the download of a special utility authentication Windows 7 from the official Microsoft website. Utility is completely free and requires no special installation. Simply run the downloaded application to in just a few seconds to see if the computer operating system is genuine.
If you want to make sure that other Microsoft products are licensed, we recommend that you check the certificate of authenticity (COA). Specialized web-resource "real or fake" gives concrete evidence of legal specific products and lists the main indicators of fakes.
If it is impossible to authenticate the operating system Windows version 7, experts advise to apply to the Service Identify the product, or to use the hotline of Microsoft.