To determine the authenticity of the document is possible only if the results of the professional examination conducted by a competent person using a particular equipment, knowledge, and skills. However, there are alternative ways of determining the authenticity of individual documents. So, common documents (such as passports, work books, diplomas) can be checked visually by assessing the presence of all the necessary details, the absence of external signs of a forged document. These signs can be illegible stamp and signature, clear signs of repair photos, of counterfeit signs, the use of different prints. Visual inspection in the absence of professional skills will help to identify only a crude forgery, in all other cases one should resort to other methods.

How to determine the authenticity with the competent bodies and organizations

In most cases, to determine the authenticity of the documents distributed by using the organs that released them. Thus, in the absence of a common database of issued diplomas to determine the authenticity of a particular diploma is possible through the call to a specific school to ascertain relevant information. This method is often used by employers when evaluating candidates for a specific job. Some agencies create specialized electronic services, allowing everyone free of charge to check the authenticity of certain documents. For example, on the website of the Federal migration service operates a similar service, which allows to establish the authenticity of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation.

How to determine the authenticity of the document in other cases

In all other situations, the only way to determine the authenticity of the document is professional expertise. So, to determine the authenticity of the signature of a specific person on the contract, other document solely on the results of expert handwriting analysis. The process of examination is greatly simplified in the presence of a judicial proceeding associated with the disputed document. In this case, the costs for the examination can impose on the guilty person. If there is no trial, the only solution is self-ordering and payment of all necessary studies.