You will need
  • - the full name of the credit institution or its registration number;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - mobile or landline phone.
Check if you are interested in a Bank in the register of credit institutions. For this you need to visit the official website of the Bank of Russia, to go to the "Handbook on credit institutions" and type in the search box the name or registration number of the Bank. After that, the system will give you basic information about the Bank: its official name, BIC, registration number, address of the parent organization.

In addition, the site presents a list of the codes, which you can find out the availability of the Bank license:
- "OFR." license yet, she only issued;
- "Anne." license revoked;
- "HTA." license revoked;
"countenance." - the organization is liquidated.

This information is objective and reliable, it is updated on the website daily. On site pages you can also specify the list of branches, specific credit institution, their addresses and contact numbers.
If you have information that the license of the Bank was revoked, check out this information on a dedicated website banking "". Here in the "Book of remembrance" lists all credit institutions which conducted banking activities on the territory of the Russian Federation and have lost their licenses in the years 1991-2014. If you are interested in the Bank license is canceled or revoked, a credit institution will find themselves in this sad list.
There is another way to check the license of the Bank. You can call in the territorial administration of Bank of Russia on the hotline and see if in your area the particular credit organization. Management specialists will inform you about the availability of whether the absence of Bank licenses.