You will need
  • - details of the organization (legal entity);
  • - access to the Internet.
To check if you are interested in the organization in the Unified state register of legal entities, on its official name or bin/UAH/INN. So learn first and foremost, at least one of these data. Fast and accurate is the search company for the option "OGRN/GRN/INN" as organizations with the same name can be multiple, and when checking this option, the system can produce a list of entities.
If you know only the company name, try to learn its legal address, registration date and in which the subject of the Russian Federation it has been registered. This information will help you to clarify the request on the website of the FTS of Russia, and thus make more precise search results.
Visit the page of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation. In the section "E-services" click "Check yourself and the contractor." If necessary, read the rules of the search firm by clicking on the appropriate link.
Enter the details of the organization that you have in the appropriate fields. When filling the field "Name" enter only original part of the company name, without specifying its legal form. Dial a name without special characters, quotation marks and abbreviations. Example: Citibank, Avocado, etc.
If you know the region in which the company was registered, enter it in the field "Subject of the Russian Federation" by selecting it from the drop-down list. When filling in the date of registration of the legal person, use the format DD.MM.YYYY. Then enter the verification code provided by the system and click "Search".
If such legal entity has passed the state registration in the search results, specify the name, address, bin, UAH, INN, KPP, date of entry in the register, the name of the authority who made the entry, and the address of the registered body.