Advice 1: How to check the travel Agency

After the cancellation a few years ago mandatory licensing of travel agencies the question of the reliability of travel agencies has become even sharper than before. Regular reports of travelers, remaining and without money, and without permits, add fuel to the fire. But that's no reason to completely abandon trips.
How to check the travel Agency
You will need
  • Internet
A substitute licensing was the creation of a Nationwide General

registry of travel agencies established by the Russian Union of travel Industry. Joining the registry is for travel agencies is not required at the same time, the presence of the company in the list does not give an absolute guarantee of its reliability. But to check the Agency with which you are going to work for the first time, it's worth.

After all, with registration in the register of the company provide not only official data, but also copies of the contract with the tour operator. And it already means that your chosen firm has its own sign on the facade, but also the history of partnerships in the travel world. Registry data are open to everyone at Pre-find a travel Agency its number in the registry.
Before you start cooperation with a travel Agency ask them to show Evidence of company registration and Certificate of conformity. In the contract on rendering of tourist services should be the same name of the company that in these documents. Make sure that the contract you sign directly to the General Director of the company. If it's another person, ask to see power of attorney for the delegation of such authority from the head of the company.

In the contract notice item on financial guarantees. They can be of two types: the reserve Bank of funds for the payment of compensation or liability insurance of the tour operator. The document must be stated the number, date, duration and address of the Bank or insurance company and the amount of financial security.
Not superfluous to look for reviews about the travel Agency on the Internet. However, objective data will only give you negative reviews. If tourists have faced problems with the cooperation with this tour, you have to choose her escort to distant countries is not worth it.

Positive reviews, of course, encourage the guarantee your relaxation they give. Not only closed the one-day firms, but large companies with lots of experience. At the same time, the newly opened travel Agency is not always a trap for the traveler. Sometimes experienced managers are leaving larger firms to organize their small business. In their "baggage" and have many years of experience and knowledge of all the specifics, but the young company will give you favorable terms.
Very bright criterion of reliability of the travel Agency is the competence of its employees. Don't be afraid to ask meticulous managers of resorts and hotels that you intend to visit, discover the particularities of the country and ask advice. Friendly detailed answers are an indicator of the seriousness of the company. A great recommendation would narrow specialization of travel agencies. For example, some agencies only work on Asian destinations, some offer only Mediterranean cruises or adventure tours to Africa. As a rule, such companies have their own niche and are stable in her feet.
And do not be lazy after buying a tour is to contact the airline and send a request to the hotel. Request a booking confirmation for your tickets and prepay offer. Thus, you will protect yourself from unpleasant surprises at the airport or at the resort.

Advice 2: How to get a job in travel Agency

The interview when applying for a job is always a very delicate moment. Especially if this is not the first attempt to get the desired position. The main thing to understand that you are a confident and knows his business.
When applying for a job in a travel Agency , it is necessary to prepare in advance, think through the questions that you asked, and the answers to them. Be prepared that the questions will not only cover your specifics, but to test stress resistance, ability to work in a team.
Make a summary. It should contain all the necessary information about you. Fill in your personal data, address, and contact numbers, marital status and place of previous work. Left after the conversation, the summary will not remain without attention because this indicates your seriousness regarding the position of readiness to the working process.
When forming first impressions important in recent years is the visual factor. If superficially nice person, and working with him will be pleased too.
Try not to be too pushy, but too modest and too quiet to be not worth it. Differently from other applicants you simply do not notice. Standard requirements for positions in the tour company experience in tourism, industry knowledge, ability to work in the system of master-tour, knowledge of the basic travel technology, English language – a level sufficient for keeping business correspondence and communication with partners. Significant when applying for a job are also personal qualities – kindness, care and accuracy.
Try to show your attitude to work, commitment to professional development and how important the job is to you. And you certainly occupy a desired position and will move from the status of the applicant in the status of the employee of the travel Agency.

Advice 3: How to write a letter of complaint to the travel Agency

Returning home from a poorly carried out home, you can write a claim in the travel Agency, through the fault of which the stay was spoiled. Correctly written claim to help you speed up the process of resolving the dispute and avoid further problems.
How to write a letter of complaint to the travel Agency
You will need
  • A4 sheet, pen, computer.
Before you make a claim, gather evidence of negligent performance by the Agency of the clauses of the contract. It can be pictures, receipts, checks, certificates, price-sheet on the letterhead of the hotel about the cost of the hotel rooms.
Claim to write in two copies, one is you, another defendant. According to article 10 of the law "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation" the claim give to the tour operator in writing, within twenty days from the date of expiration of the agreement. To consider it must, within 10 days after receipt.
To start write, who addressed the claim, for example, the Director General, the Director of the company. Specify name of Respondent, address and phone. Next, write your address, phone number, name.
In the text of the claim must specify the nature of the case, i.e. what you specifically did not like the firm. Specify that were originally booked, then what in the end offered. List the employees who poorly perform their duties, as well as those who tried to help you. Refer to the applicable laws, which contradict the actions of the company and its employees.
After explaining all circumstances, continue to requirements. Usually claim they start after the word PLEASE. For example, to pay the amount of property damage and the requirement to compensate moral damages. According to article 6 of the Federal law "About bases of tourist activity in the Russian Federation" in cases of breach of contract by a travel Agency or tour operator, the tourist is entitled to compensation for moral harm and damages.
Sign the claim and date of its presentation to the travel Agency. Make sure that the claim was registered in the journal of documentation. In the absence of a journal will receive a receipt from the person accepting the claim. A receipt is issued on the copy of the claim must contain the name of the person, his signature, title and date. If a claim will not be accepted for consideration, submit the claim to the court.

Advice 4: How to check balance on card "Rive Gauche"

Rive Gauche is a large perfume and cosmetics network of around 200 stores across Russia. Like most such firms, Rive Gauche offers for regular customers pleasant bonuses and discounts.
How to check balance on card "Rive Gauche"
The name "Rive Gauche" is translated from French as "left coast". They are neighborhoods in Paris, which are home to artists, writers and the Bohemian of Paris. It is the center of fashion, elegance and glamour.

Network Rive Gauche was created in 1995 with headquarters in St. Petersburg. Currently, a colorful sign "Rive Gauche" can be seen in all the major cities of Russia. The market attracts buyers with product quality, a large variety of brands and assortment.

How to get the card and check its balance

Already at the first purchase for the sum from 300 p. the buyer is given a discount card. It gives a 5% discount on all subsequent purchases. Gold card allows you to make purchases with discounts up to 30% and is issued at the accumulation of 10 thousand rubles, on a standard map.

To check the card balance in several ways: with the help of cashier and independently. Go to the website of the company and select the "Discount program". If you hover the cursor appears several tabs. Click on the penultimate: "Check in savings."

Then everything is simple. Specify the type of card and enter its number. On a standard map room is located on the reverse side in the form of a bar code on gold card he is depicted in the form of bulk numbers in the lower right corner.

Note that to update the balance may take 3 to 5 days. If you are not credited after a week, contact the help Desk by phone 8-800-333-20-20.

A nice bonus of a gold card Rive Gauche

Each gold card is automatically entered in the "birthday Rive Gauche". Making purchases throughout the year, 5% of the value of each item become bonuses on the map. In his birthday you can come to the store and pay these bonuses up to 50% purchase. The promotion is also valid for the week before and after holidays.

Buying products Kenzo, Givenchy and Sisley, you also get bonuses at the rate of 10 R – 1 point. They can pay up to 100% of the cost of the next purchase.

The gold loyalty card offers some nice possibilities. For example, you can use it to get discounts in some clothing stores, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, travel agencies and even dealerships. Find out which companies participate in the programme on the same website Choose the tab "Discounts to the companies partners.
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