The conversation

Normal conversation can work wonders. If you notice that your friend or loved one is depressed, encourage them to share their problems. Prepare for the conversation: you must be in a quiet room – difficult to hear a sad story, while in transport or on a noisy street, and is constantly asking. For a few minutes to completely devote yourself to the conversation and allow the other person to pour out my sorrow. Perhaps this alone will help him feel better.


Laughter is uplifting. To improve the condition of your loved one, tell him a funny story that happened to you, send in the SMS joke, send a funny video message, recall a funny incident that happened to you both. It distracts a person from unpleasant experiences.
Do attempt to make jokes only if you are sure that your friend will not take it as inattention to its problems.

Sober look

Dear person is in a depressed state, and certainly at the moment inclined to see the world in black color. Try to help him, show that things are not as bad as it seems. If friend girl broke up with him, tell him he's smart and cute. Friend, received a reprimand from the boss, let us recall a successful project. This will allow people not to proclaim their alleged shortcomings the source of all evils.
Sometimes it will be useful, and drop the flattery. Perhaps your friend really made a mistake, for which he received a reprimand, but now she is crying and you need to comfort her, and your fault she can read independently.


Online shopping and delivery service able to deliver in a couple of hours after ordering. Take advantage of their services and enjoy close. Your gift doesn't have to be expensive. This can be a small bouquet of flowers, accessory to a favorite gadget or funny thing from the store that sells costumes and accessories for the holidays. The main thing that the person will feel your care and this will improve his mood.

Personal presence

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen, when to lighten the mood not help a kind word from a friend, no funny anecdote, no exhortations that all will be well. If you see that the man had a little mishap and it is very difficult, the best thing you can do is to come to assist and to support it with their presence.