The ability to speak quickly and effectively valued in modern times its weight in gold. Correspondence in the style of: "Hello, I invite you into the club of [name] at 19:00" can attract a girl friend, to create in her imagination the image of a man of action, not verbiage. You can develop the image of a man, rarely spending time in social networks that communicate only with selected people. Will benefit a small number of "Facebook friends" and tender requests-urges: "Come, I hope to see you".

Try not to write to the girl about his feelings of "Vkontakte" - such things are better to talk in person. However, you can show allusions ("it was a pleasure to meet you", "together We had a great time"). Tell us about yourself-preferably casual, touching on a topic that you are discussing in the correspondence. If a girl tells you that attended the poetic evening, can you tell us about your favorite poets or about your favorite hobby.

Beautiful compliments

Girls love with their ears", says a popular wisdom. A compliment can narrow the distance between you and the girl. However, we must consider the fact that women can't stand platitudes. It is advisable to praise the girl for real dignity. Twice as nice it will be if the compliment will be forwarded to her character, not appearance. This method of communication will be the more powerful, the more it will blend with your character. If in life you too often say to the girls gentle sincere words, and your messages "Vkontakte" will have a lot of weight.

Not only messages

It is advisable to use additional social network. This method of communication can bring a girl a lot of pleasant moments, to have her to himself. Place on the wall the girl clever sayings and links to events. "Like" her photos and photos of her friends. Give a girl "gifts". To buy them required the "voice Vkontakte", however, spent enough money on you lot to tell. She will understand that you care for her and you will stand out from the masses of her fans.


If you are a girl in a relationship or married, are pleasant words can be very bring you closer, especially at moments of parting.

Use words that are understandable only to you - it's more like your girl, give her the feeling of your strong emotional connection. Use your old pictures as an attachment to the message, throws on the wall and favorite songs.